Morningstar International Shares Active ETF (Managed Fund) Dividend 2022

Morningstar International Shares Active ETF (Managed Fund) (MSTR) will invest predominantly in units of the Morningstar International Share (Hedged) Fund (ARSN 092 227 435) (Underlying Fund) and some cash. The Fund may also invest in derivative to gain desired exposure or manage risk. The Underlying Fund predominantly invests in listed international shares with the aim of producing superior long term returns relative to the Benchmark. In turn, the Fund aims to produce superior long-term returns relative to the Benchmark. The Underlying Fund consists of a well-diversified portfolio of companies that exhibit desirable fundamental quality and/or value characteristics. An application has been made to the ASX for units in the Fund to be quoted for trading on the AQUA market of the ASX under the AQUA Rules. This means investors have opportunity to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of assets in a single transaction and can trade units on the ASX in the same way as trading other ASX listed securities, subject to liquidity.

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The most recent MSTR dividend details are as follows: ex-dividend date: 02/01/2020. This dividend is 0 cents. Franking percentage is: 0%. The payment date for this dividend is 16/01/2020.

Based on our analysis, from 2010, Morningstar International Shares Active ETF (Managed Fund) pays dividend 1 times. Total dividend is 0 cents. Average dividend is 0 cents. Maximum dividend is 0 cents while minimum dividend is 0 cents. We believe using more recent dividend history can provide better dividend analysis for a company.

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MSTR Dividend Dates

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Dividend Growth Chart

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